The Lady Waits

By Amanda Pizzolatto (Rated G)

An angel comes to Earth
With a very special message
To a Virgin who lives
Under the temple’s patronage
The angel has an important question
One only she can answer
Will she become the Messiah’s mother
And help rid the world of sin’s cancer?
Behold, she is willing
This handmaid of the Lord
To let it be done
According to His Word
The final lap of waiting has arrived
The countdown has begun
Until the birth of the Messiah
The sacrificial Lamb, God’s only Son
Angel wings flutter with excitement
Devil wings shudder with fear
As the Lord of Hosts comes to Earth
To make a temporary home here
A mighty Being inside a small being
Hidden within a womb
Just to die one lonely day
And sealed within a tomb
But for now a simple prayer
A whisper of a song
As the Lady takes the first steps
To guide us back to where we belong
As the days draw nearer
To the day of His birth
The Heavens prepare a mighty tune
To announce His first touch upon the Earth
Shepherds and kings, poor and wise
Will travel to see Him
And will worship on bended knee
Our Deliverer from sin.

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