By Amanda Pizzolatto (Rated G)

Woe to us, in this valley of tears
Where our sinful nature has landed us
Surrounded on all sides by peer pressure
Where the world and even our body has turned on us
Why oh why did we not listen?
Why do we believe the wiles of the Devil?
Because instead of preparing for Love
We partake in unnecessary revel
We become increasingly weak
Unable to stand Love’s cleansing waters
Instead of growing and accepting change
We would sacrifice our sons and daughters
And surround ourselves with selfishness
Until we can no longer see the light of day
And the debt we rack up
No heart of stone can pay

But wait, what is this?
The Lord has spoken to us?
Our single ray of hope
He has taken pity upon us!
He will send One of the Triune
One who can pay the debt
Who will walk among us
And lead us down the path He’s set
But first, we must wait
And oh must we wait long!
He will send prophets
To tell us when we are doing wrong
And to show us how to be ready
When He will open Heaven’s gate
He will prepare us for His coming
During this long period of wait

Joy, oh joy, what news!
The time He comes is nigh!
Soon God will be with us
The Son of God on high!
The prophets are giving us signs
Signs we must look for
He will be born of a virgin
And come knocking at our hearts’ door
But are we ready?
Will we let Him in?
Raise your voice in suppliant prayer
And avoid all kinds of sin
Be meek and humble
That is the way of the Lord
Then you will be able to enter
Following His law and His Word

Listen all, listen well
His coming draws near!
Get ready, be prepared
Do what you can right now here
There’s not much time left!
And there’s still so much to be done!
Will we be ready on time?
Everything must be perfect for God’s Son
We’ve made such a big mess
Because we didn’t listen the first time
But the Lord is ever merciful
We shall thank Him with dance and rhyme
We come hither broken and torn
A fact that’s no use hiding from
But listen, don’t you hear?
He is here, He has come!

Anonymous seventeenth-century, Madonna del Parto, preserved in the Church of S. Pietro, Leonessa (RI)

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