An Alphabetic Acrostic

By J.C. Ellis (Rated G)

Abba Father, what am I that thou wouldst knowledge me?
Almighty, truly I am a worm before thee!
All knowing one, what can I offer unto thee which holdest all things?
Behold, I am iniquitous and unclean!
Black is my heart and soul!
Blood-stained are my hands!
Cry do I! I shall lift up my voice unto thee!
Cleanse me and clean me within!
Consecrate me unto thee!
Deal bountifully with me thy servant and
Deliver me from my deeds!
Drench me with thy mercy!
Everlasting unto everlasting doth thy mercy extend and
Endless are thy loving-kindnesses O Lord!
Expiate, therefore, all my sins O God!
Forever shalt thou be praised!
Feared shalt thou forever be!
Father of heavens have mercy upon me!
Great God let loose my tongue;
Grant me the words that I may confess thee!
Gracious One, help me to praise thee rightly!
Help me to walk in thy ways!
Heed me for thou hast promised to incline thine ear.
Hear for thou hast sworn for thy Son’s sake.
Iniquity he hath borne.
Insidious punishment he hath endured.
Inequity he was dealt.
Jesus, thy Son hath made atonement.
Jehovah, look upon thy Son!
Just declare me for his sake!
Kindly thou hast treated us.
Kin we have been made by thy holy waters.
Keep me in thy true vine!
Lash me to him.
Lock me to him.
Love thou art,
My King,
My Lord,
My God.
No more wilt thou remember our sins.
Never shall they be recalled.
Nameless shall they ever be.
O Lord I thank thee!
O Son of God I praise thee!
O Holy Spirit, fill me and guide me!
Pleased art thou to hear me;
Prayers thou dost delight in!
Petitions thou savourest!
Quicken me in thy righteousness!
Quiet the turmoil in my heart and
Quick let me always be to confess unto thee!
Righteousness of Christ I am clothed in.
Righteous shalt thou make me.
Resurrect me thou wilt.
Sepulchres thou wilt not leave us.
Sleeping we will not stay.
Save us from the grave thou wilt.
Tombs are not our destiny.
Thou art our destiny.
The New Jerusalem our habitation shall be!
Unending we shall reign with thee!
Unending shall thy praises be!
Unending shall paradise be!
Verity thou art!
Vibrant and splendorous art thou!
Verily, verily all things shall be made right.
White are our garments.
White are our souls;
Washed in his blood they are!
Exaltations are forever thine!
Extraordinary are all thy ways!
Excellent and above everything is thy name!
Yea, thine is the kingdom!
Yea, thine is the power!
Yea, thine is the glory forever and ever!
Zealous thou hast made us!
Zion shall forever praise thee!
Zion shall forever be renewed!

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