Faithful Friday: Lancelot Andrewes

By Ian Wilson

Lancelot Andrewes was an Anglican bishop of Winchester, and a very important theologian of the English reformation. He was the most important scholar on the committee which gave us the Authorized (King James) Bible, one of the first widely available Bible translations.

Andrewes was born in the year 1555 in Allhallows, Barking, UK. He was considered a brilliant scholar, was appointed a dean of Westminster, and was the personal chaplain of Queen Elizabeth I. During his lifetime, he was considered an extraordinary preacher and theologian, influencing many within the English church to this very day. He was regarded to be a man of such saintly character that King James I refrained from vulgar humor in Andrewes’ presence. 

Andrewes died in 1626, leaving behind many books of sermons, devotionals and theological treatises that any modern student of Scripture may appreciate. 

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