Sombre Absurdité

By Jordan Ellis Christensen (aka J.C. Ellis) (Rated G)

Sombre absurdité i

Fidgety fallows follow faint fires
through thunder-thoughted thighs of three thurses1.
O grand giants of Gath in grotesque graves,
will ye dread the deer that dance in your lays?
Does and bucks do the dead ye not revere?
And the dark dense depths do ye truly fear?
Do dance and revel in your shallow seas!
Ignoring life will not set you free.

Sombre absurdité ii

Frogs frolick lightly ‘pon flames—
leaping, laughing and burning.
Oh the joys of grostesque games!
Dazzling death-delights reign.
Piteous pads will play pout—
oh these stains are surely stout!

  1. i.e. giants

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