The Grail’s Call

By Thomas Adams

A thousand years frozen in time.
Watching the centuries pass me by
as kingdoms are born and die.
I was there when Macsen arrived,
I was there when the Saxons came,
and there still when both had died.
I carried the Pendragon’s flame.

I was the song of Patrick’s heart,
and what made Arthur’s quest start.
When the music of Taliesin ceased to flow,
I saw the invaders come and go.
When the Bear smote the Boar,
When the dragon banner did soar,
Thus was rejoicing at the end of war.
Yet you ask “what was it all for?”

That Christian men and women might live
in freedom, love, and right, did they give
their blood, their lives, their very souls.
So was the gift of God in earthen vessels.
A world of chivalry and justice wrought
by blood and strong courage bought.
Though for only a short time it reigned,
Merlin prophesied it would be regained.

Though ruined, lost and forgotten,
Camelot lives in the hearts of the pure.
A refuge for the downtrodden,
Strong, honest, brave and sure,
Albion’s knights live again,
even if not in Britain.
Though scattered and separated,
the stones that built Camelot reunite.
Chivalry and honor will be paraded,
The maiden will accept her knight.
The king will again take up Caliburn,
To defend the honor of the lady spurned.
Lancelot redeem his name,
Galahad reignite the flame.

The holy quest begins anew
The Grail of Christ beckons
To all knights good and true.

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