Christmas Choirs

By Amanda Pizzolatto (Rated G)

Oh listen, listen, how the bells doth ring
Echoing over the blankets of winter’s sting
Like a single candle flickering in the night
Giving off some hope, warmth and light
Burn bright, burn long, and send incense up above
Like the Seraphim burning bright with love

Oh listen, listen, the chimes are jingling on by
Almost like the twinkling of the stars in the sky
Each so tiny yet so many piercing the dark
Looking down on a land so bleak and stark
Shine high, shine strong, and send hope down to Earth
Like the Cherubim announcing the royal birth

Oh listen, listen, the drums are rumbling deep
Yet so soft and low it’s lulling you to sleep
A steady rhythm, coming from deep within
Like the thrumming of rain or a deep, thundering din
Tap firm, tap sweet, and keep in time to the lovely beat
While Thrones carry God on His Heavenly Seat

Oh listen, listen to the piano, such a steady friend
Being there for you until the very end
Every key being pressed, like the sea crashing upon sand
And octaves ranging between sky and land
Scale high, scale low, and hear them thundering near
While Dominions tell us we have no need to fear

Oh listen, listen, the violins are strumming out a tune
Reminding us the Lord will be arriving soon
And like budding sprouts herald the arrival of Spring
So too the signs indicate the coming of the King
Bow fast, bow slow, the Lamb of God is born
And winged Virtues spread the word before morn

Oh listen, listen, the harp and basses are being plucked
While quavering shepherds have hidden and ducked
But soon they will rise to search for and see
The Child sought by the wise men three
Search far, search wide, the Lord wants to be found
And Angelic Powers will aid with Heavenly sound

Oh listen, listen, the flutes are twirling around
Producing a sweet and joyful sound
Telling us that we should all rejoice and dance
God has given humanity another chance
Pipe sweet, pipe quick, and invite us to our feet
While Principalities offer melodies so sweet

Oh listen, listen, the trumpets are being blown
Announcing that the Prince of Lies will be overthrown
But not through sword or force will come his defeat
Yet he will be crushed by the Woman’s feet
Blow fierce, blow quick, and herald the Lord’s great victory
As Archangels battle to save souls from eternal misery

Oh listen, listen, to voices as deep as the sea
Singing a chant worshiping the Godhead Three
Of peace on Earth and goodwill to men
And of the Son come to free us of sin
Sing high, sing low, as we are saved from our plight
While Angels guard and guide both day and night

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