Word Sung as Light

By Lawrence “Mack in Texas” Hall (Rated G)

Upon hearing a recording of the Orthodox Christian Monks of the Svetogorskaya Monastery

A deep, slow stream of tones, of modes, of chants
Where time and all eternity flow as one
Through voices and dreamlike echoings
Among the Altars of the earth and sky

The song begins upon the Bosporus
Ascends up to and beyond the spheres of Heaven
Then gently rains upon the souls of men
Forever and ever, in this world and the next

The Word first sung as Light, sung as Creation
And sung again as the Incarnation

Orthodox Christian Monks chant Christmas Carols – YouTube
(I’m not sure “carols” is correct; in their awe and reverence these works appear to be hymns.)

What do you think?

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