Faithful Friday: St Louis Grignion de Montfort

By Caroline Liberatore (Rated G)

St. Louis Grignion de Montfort was known for his deep devotion and sensitivity towards Christ and the Church from even the days of his childhood. As he matured, he directed this passion towards the study of theology, which he undertook in Paris. It was here, at the seminary of Saint-Sulpice, that Montfort uncovered a particular interest in the Virgin Mary – which would prove to be one of the most defining facets of his life and ministry. 

After his ordination to the priesthood in 1700, Montfort began his regional ministry as a preacher and servant to the poor. After some time, he made a pilgrimage to Rome, where he received commission from Pope Clement XI as a missionary apostolic. In this vocation, he articulated to his listeners the significance of the Eucharist, the Rosary, and devotion to the Virgin Mary. These particular passions of his gave way to the formation of the Company of Mary and the Daughters of Wisdom near the end of his life. 

Many times, Montfort’s boldness in action brought him up against those in authority. A most notable example of this was his resolve to build a large Calvary monument at Pontchateau. This endeavor was far from simple, requiring fifteen months of construction from hundreds of laborers. It was all for naught, seemingly, as it was destroyed almost immediately after completion per orders of the king. Montfort, however, was unshaken by this adversity, choosing to instead remark, “Blessed be God.” 

May we, as St. Louis Grignion de Montfort, be steady towards the mission which the Lord calls us to, regardless of opposition. 


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