The Eternal Glow from Within and Beyond: How to Activate God’s Light

By Michael Colon (Rated G)

The light of God is made of an incomprehensive higher mind, unfathomable love, and foresight that knows the end from the beginning. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit rotate their luminous majesty of love and glory for eternity in Heaven. If all the stars in the universe were combined into one, that light wouldn’t be enough compared to what shines in Heaven. Jesus’ promise to return illuminates a truth covered up by the world, a sword of truth that will travel through the fabric of the universe and consciousness, designed to cut and kill our old selves. This sword with the handle called choice can pierce through our stone hearts and rid the darkness that blinds us from understanding our purpose of being alive. 

To see and activate God’s glory from the black void of our soul, we must believe and practice attributes that comprise the Christian faith. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can re-stitch our hearts and flick the switch in our souls where the light never dies. Here are some ways we can shine from now until eternity.

Freedom In Salvation

And his brightness was the light; he had thorns coming out of his hand: and there was the hiding of his power.” Habakkuk 3:4

When Jesus died for our sins on the cross at Calvary, we were released from the vice grip of sin. Jesus coming back from death shows that death can be beaten if we follow his way and resurrect our spirit through His blood, creating a beacon that signals hope. When we are revived through the power of the Holy Spirit, electricity flows through us that sparks a spiritual knowledge of how we can turn our back and leave the world behind.

In comic books, the superhero makes their grand entrance with a dazzlement of lights in the background; well, Jesus was the greatest superhero ever. The light of Jesus transcends the meaning of a savior by giving an entire race of God’s children the ability to be heroes in our own right. Humbleness, kindness, hope, and courage are the powers we showcase that allow others to see what freedom means. To live a life of freedom of salvation is to have sunny spring days flourish inside our souls no matter the circumstances, and that is a light that everyone should want to be blinded by because it will only help us see what counts in this life. 

The eternal glow within shines on to infinity, starting with the smallest mustard seed of faith. Once we become aware of the higher power that wrote the book of destiny with all our names in the story, it’s our choice to continue to walk around in darkness or join the cause of shining among the other candles that burn for a greater purpose than what society led us to believe. The light from within connects with the light from beyond, and when that happens, our awareness that we were fed from the silver spoon of sin becomes modified and reshaped to fit the mold of godliness. 

Discernment And Direction

“Your word is a lamp to my feet, a light on my path.” Psalms 119:105

There will be phases in our lives where the fog of uncertainty and unknowns invades our peace, causing panic and anxiety in the mind. A silent plague that distorts how we step in this walk of faith, a fog that our logic and understanding can’t guide us out of. If we don’t learn to discern through scripture, we will walk blindly to false teachings, hidden selfish agendas, and gateways to bad habits. The Word of God is a lamp unto our feet because the Word is God who is light, love, and truth, even if it is difficult to accept at first. In this way, we can better avoid the traps and pitfalls laid out by the enemy. 

There is a saying that a liar’s mouth can be full of truth. Just because a word may sound pleasing to the ears from a logical point of view and it makes sense doesn’t mean it is what God wants for us. The enemy will use a false light made up of the lustful desires of the world, which entices the flesh to pull us down a deep dark hole of sin. The more we are knowledgeable and refer to scripture when faced with tough decisions and unavoidable out-of-the-blue circumstances, the better we go in the right direction. 

Producing Good Fruit

“For the fruit of light consists in all goodness, righteousness, and truth.” Ephesians 5:9

Lights won’t turn on themselves even with the most sophisticated sensory technology. There has to be help or an outside factor that initiates the process. In that same way, we have to take action and play our part to stimulate the miracle-working capabilities we can share from our spirit through God as the source of power. Through our efforts inspired and influenced by The Holy Spirit, we can physically express the good works the Lord wants to see get done. Producing good fruits manifests blessings in material and moral holy ways. When we are happy, we put on a bright smile. Doing good works causes our essence to gleam a light that is felt like a smile and recognized by those who see from the eyes of their hearts.

To grow a lush field of fruits takes hard work and dedication. In the same way, we focus our attention on other crafts and activities we enjoy; we must do so for the Lord to cause ripple effects for the betterment of others and the rest of the fallen world. Jesus wants us to have a relationship with him and become good workers. To create good works, we must do our best to live by His example by being righteous and truthful in everything we do. Our choices reflect our hearts in Christ, like a mirror that cannot tell lies. To see the visible light from God, we have to embrace a lifestyle that reflects the very nature of the Father.

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